2021 Annual Banquet in 2022

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Congratulations to Our Award Recipients!

Chemist of the Year
Julie Pigza, Ph.D.
University of Southern Mississippi

High School Teacher of the Year
Sarah Holder
East Marion High School

Student Chapter of the Year
Mississippi College

Undergraduate Posters

  1. A New Extraction and Quantification Method to Detect Polystyrene Plastics in
    Biological and Environmental Samples
    Claire Stokes
    Mississippi College
  2. Ab Initio Analysis of Polarizability in Molecular Piezoelectric Response for Organic
    Dimer Systems
    David Zetterholm
    Mississippi College
  3. Adapted qRT-PCR Protocol for Campus-Wide Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening
    on Undergraduate Campus
    Karlee McKinney
    Belhaven University
  4. Adsorption of hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid (HFPO-DA) (Generation X)
    using commercial Douglas fir Biochar
    Emily Chandler, Chanaka Navarathna, Prashan Rodrigo, Sarah Jessica McClain, Charles
    U. Pittman Jr. and Todd Mlsna
    Mississippi State University
  5. Adsorption of Phosphates onto Layered Double Hydroxide Impregnated Douglas fir
    Michael Walker
    Mississippi State University
  6. Campus-wide COVID Screening provides Non-Traditional Clinical and Laboratory
    Experiences for Students During Pandemic
    Rebecca Ayres and D’Onna Manning
    Belhaven University
  7. Chemical Analysis and Biotoxicity Assessment of Plastic Bioremediation Using
    Tenebrio molitor Larvae
    Lillian Sisson
    Mississippi College
  8. Conventional Strain Energies of Cyclopropylborane, Borirane, Boretane, the
    Diboretanes, Borolane, the Diborolanes, Borinane, and the Diborinanes
    Kaylee Hood
    Mississippi College
  9. Conventional Strain Energies of Thiaziridine and the Thiazetidines
    Joshua Gramm
    Mississippi College
  10. Development and Testing of Forensic Chemistry Sensors to Detect Decaying Remains and Pinpoint Crime Scene Locations
    Whitney Schuler
    Mississippi College
  11. Enthalpies of Formation of Quinoline Derivatives by Homodesmotic Reactions
    Caitlin McCormick
    Mississippi College
  12. Investigation of Quinolines as HIV-Integrase Inhibitors
    Jack M. Patterson
    University of Southern Mississippi
  13. Investigation of the Acid-Catalyzed Pictet-Spengler Cyclization with Sulfonamides
    Kaitlyn Birkhoff
    University of Southern Mississippi
  14. Lead immobilization in simulated polluted soil by Douglas for bio char-supported phosphate
    Sabrina Solomon
    Mississippi State University
  15. Pharmaceutical Drug Ligand Binding to Serum Albumin with Quantum Chemical
    James Baker
    Belhaven University
  16. Prediction of chiroptical spectroscopic properties of chiral beta-lactone
    heteroaromatics by time-dependent density functional theory
    Olivia Haney
    Belhaven University
  17. Preparation of macrocyclic polyphenylethynylarene ethers
    Bailey Steen
    Mississippi College
  18. Regioselectivity of Acid-Catalyzed Epoxide Ring-Opening Reactions
    Breana Chastang
    Mississippi College
  19. Relative Stabilities of Derivatives of 9-Methylanthracene and 9-Methylene-9,10-
    Dihydroanthracene and Derivatives of 6-Methylpentacene and 6-Methylene-6,13-
    Emily Sullivan
    Mississippi College
  20. Remediation of Aqueous Uranium(VI) from Magnetic (Fe3O4) Douglas fir Biochar
    Bryce Bolden
    Mississippi State University
  21. Removal of As(V) using zero valent ion/douglas biochar
    Kristina Pedersen
    Mississippi State University
  22. Simultaneous Sorption of Multioxyanion (PO43-, AsO43-, SeO42-, CrO42-) using Magnetic Douglas fir Biochar
    Kate Smallwood
    Mississippi State University
  23. Sorption of As (V) using Fe3NO4 Nanoparticles Dispersed on Douglas fir Biochar
    Audrina Johnson
    Mississippi State University
  24. Sorption of Low to Moderate Concentrations of Aqueous PFOS and PFOA ("Forever
    Chemicals") using Douglas fir Biochar Variants
    Sarah Hossain
    Mississippi State University
  25. Sorptive Removal of SeO42-/SeO32- using Douglas fir Biochar Metal Oxides/Hydroxides Nanocomposites
    Arissa Ramirez
    Mississippi State University
  26. Spartan18 QSAR Analysis of Ebselen-Type Heterocycles for the Inhibition of SARS-
    Damien Cooper
    University of Southern Mississippi
  27. Synthesis of macrocyclic diaminopolyphenylethynylarenes
    Megan Stewart
    Mississippi College
  28. The Analysis of Microplastics and Perfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) in Marine
    Animal Tissues
    Katherine Lape
    Mississippi State University
  29. Title not submitted
    Jessie Tisdale
    Mississippi State University

Graduate Posters

  1. Catalytic Hydroborylative Coupling of Allenes for Chemo-, Regio- and
    Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted 1,3-Dienes Compounds
    Mississippi State University
  2. Contribution of modified P-enriched biochar to acid soil’s pH buffering capacity
    Oluwafemi Awolesi
    Mississippi State University
  3. Conventional Strain Energies of Three-Membered Heterocycles
    Ryan Ivey
    Mississippi College
  4. Electrophile Initiated Cyclization of Chiral, Non-racemic Homoallylic N-tert-
    Butanesulfonyl Carbamates and Bis-Boc Guanidines
    Gavin Rusitn
    University of Southern Mississippi
  5. Iron/titanium oxide-biochar (Fe2TiO5/BC): versatile adsorbent/photocatalyst for
    aqueous PO43-, AsO43-, Cu2+, UO22+ and Methylene Blue (MB)
    Olalekan Olabode
    Mississippi State University
  6. Mass Spectrometry of Beta-2 Agonists
    Matthew Carlo
    Mississippi State University
  7. Polyaniline based on Phenoxazine and Carbazole Derivatives with improved
    electrochemical stability and processability.
    Mohammed Almtiri
    Mississippi State University
  8. Quantification of Materials Light Absorption and Scattering Extinction using
    Integrating-Sphere-Assisted Resonance Synchronous Spectroscopy
    Pathum D. Wathudura
    Mississippi State University
  9. Ru(II)-Catalyzed Transient Directing Group Assisted Intramolecular C–H
    Activation of Indole
    D.M Nirosh Udayanga
    Mississippi State University
  10. Synthesis of Semi-Fluorinated Polyaryl Ethers via Friedel-Crafts Polymerization
    Gustavo Munoz
    Mississippi State University
  11. Temperature-Dependent Total Photoluminescence Spectroscopy as an
    Extraordinarily Informative Measurement Technique for Studying the Temperature
    Effects on Materials Photophysical Properties
    Max Wamsley
    Mississippi State University