Listed are all the grants available from the Mississippi Local Section of the American Chemical Society.

Student Chapter Travel Grant

A faculty member may apply for a travel grant for up to $500 to cover expenses for students presenting at an ACS conference. Details below.

Faculty members at institutions with active ACS Student Chapters may apply for this grant to help cover expenses for undergraduate students to attend an official ACS conference. The grant allocates $50 per student up to a maximum of $500.

High School Teacher Development Grant

This grant assists high school chemistry teachers develop great learning environments that will benefit the next generation of chemists within Mississippi.  The breadth of application of this grant is wide and flexible.  Examples could include, but are not limited to, purchasing equipment or chemicals for a laboratory activity, sponsoring a trip to visit an industrial chemical laboratory, or funding a student to present at a conference.

Eligibility & Requirements

The applicant must be a licensed teacher in the state of Mississippi, scheduled to teach chemistry in the 8-12th grade within one calendar year of the application date, and teach at a school in the current area of the Mississippi Local Section of the ACS.  Please see the [map] of the local section or use the online [Location Section Lookup] tool.  The applicant does not need to be a member of ACS to apply.  A simple letter of support from a department chair, principal, or appropriate supervisor is required.  A proposed budget is required as part of the application.  A completed online application will be reviewed by the Executive Officer Committee.  Once the project is complete, a one-page follow up on the success of the funded project is required within 60 days of the completion date.  An Executive Officer will follow up with the applicant for this material at a later date.

Budget Guidelines

Awards will be up to $500 per application.  Funds from this grant may not be used for:

  • Honoraria
  • Personal payment
  • Food or drinks
  • Pass-through donations

Timing & Dates

There is no due date for this grant and applications can be received at any time.  There is a max number of grants the local section can fund per fiscal year depending on the yearly budget evaluation.  If the grant is not currently available, it will be noted on the website.